Burberry Unveil Juergen Teller’s Second Portfolio Of Adwoa Aboah And Friends In New York

Part two of Adwoa Aboah’s family portfolio project with Juergen Teller, and this time we’re in New York, Adwoa’s “second home”, surrounded by yet more beautiful faces of Adwoa’s nearest and dearest, dressed head-to-toe in new season Burberry – as if they needed further beautifying. Following from the first, London based chapter, of her collaboration with Teller featuring her many cousins, these images star both friends and family, including Jean Campbell, Oli Green, Adwoa’s sister Kesewa Aboah, Jonah Freud and Riccardo Ambrosio, captured in all their candid cool in Manhattan’s Bowery neighbourhood. It’s got us wondering whether we’d have enough mates to fill three whole campaigns and we think the answer is unfortunately, not likely.

Coinciding with the launch of Burberry’s summer collection, which we’ve been ogling in our dreams these past weeks, the images speak volumes of an incredible support network befitting of any superstar model, but particularly Adwoa, who we are, along with the entire industry, a little bit besotted with. Turns out her friends are too, judging by some of the things they said about her. “I met Adwoa through my cousin, Tyrone” says Oli Green, “I love her sweetness and her class and her knowledge and kindness”. Covered a lot of bases there, nice. Fellow Brit and model Jean Campbell meanwhile, said, “I have known Adwoa since I was five when we used to play dolphins on the sofa. Her sensitivity means that she has a deeper understanding of others and she has a great sense of humour so we always have fun”. We want to know more about playing dolphins, we think we’d be good at it.