Friday 10th November

| BY Finn Blythe

Censored: Brett Lloyd Teams Up With Les Girls Les Boys

LesSomething a bit naughty. Well, it is Friday. Les Girls Les Boys, the gender fluid undies line birthed by Agent Provocateur founder Serena Rees earlier this year, have teamed up with photographer Brett Lloyd for a cheeky six-part capsule collection. Launching today, the six different t-shirts feature imagery shot by Brett Lloyd to, as the crib notes tell us: highlight the absurdity of modern day censorship rules.

How does one best demonstrate such a thing? Source yourself some hot young things, shoot some racy imagery and then blur out all the naughty parts. As if to say – look at all the fun you could be having if you weren’t such puritans. Which makes it as much a capsule collection as an eff you to the system. So wear these to stick it to the man. Or, alternatively, just to embarrass your parents.

Photograph by Brett Lloyd