Friday 31st August

| BY Dino Bonacic

The New Chanel Le Lift Cream Is Here to Lift You Up



Okay, you self-proclaimed beauty gurus – we’ve got some serious news for you. The new Chanel face cream has just dropped on the skincare shelves all over the world and it’s exactly what you need right now – Le Lift is basically a full-bodied four-course meal for your face. Ok, so now for the little biology lesson: the cream is made up of 94% natural-origin formula, and uses the wonderful botanical powers of alfalfa concentrate to recreate the effects of retinol (a fancy word for Vitamin A) in your skin. And it smells quite amazing too – part old-school face cream, part fresh floral.

Le Lift also comes in three different variations. The delicate option is the Crème Fine – a light feel for all the fresh-faced beauties around the world. Le Lift Crème is the medium solution. Not too heavy, yet not too light, this is the way to go if you’re one of those admirable, finely measured people. But us, we’re maxi kinda qweens. That’s why we got Le Lift Crème Riche – the kind of skincare luxury that gives a full beauty treatment sensation. In just one face cream. All packed up in a beautiful glass jar. Don’t mind if we do…

Chanel Le Lift is available now.