Monday 19th June

| BY Finn Blythe

Christopher Shannon Launches His Very First Perfume


Christopher Shannon’s gone and made his very first bottle of Eau de Parf and it’s based on the smells of his childhood. Which got us to thinking: which of our pre-pubescent scents would make it into our very own debut fragrances? The answers create a fairly horrific concoction – Joel’s would include the metallic smell of a seatbelt (he used to suck on it as a youth), wet dog and freshly cut grass – Phoebe’s a simple blend of Calpol and Copydex glue. Fishy! Mr. Shannon, on the other hand, has drawn inspiration from the city that nurtured him from an acorn to the mighty oak he is today: Liverpool.

The new unisex perfume, produced alongside the olfactory wizard Mark Buxton and in collaboration with Verdúu Perfumes, incorporates scents of sulphur, copper and wood from timber factories that would mix with the smell of food from bustling streets and fresh citrus from a newly cleaned house. Dettol 3-in-1? Anyway, as we sit here manically sniffing our freshly sprayed wrists, we can confirm it smells very nice indeed.