Wednesday 10th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Coach Launch ‘Dream It Real’, An Initiative Supporting The Next Generation of Visionaries


“I dream the American dream,” sang Madonna in her charming faux-British accent, questioning the freedom she lives in. Admittedly, American Life wasn’t the greatest of Madge’s creations, but back in 2003 it spoke about many a topic that pop albums of the time didn’t. What does the archaic, much-used ideal of an “American Dream” truly mean? Fifteen years later, and kids all over the world are asking themselves that same question, without much hope in finding the answer. And as the state of the world goes downhill, comes in Coach with their own attempt at figuring it out.

Dream It Real is the initiative started by the American brand, supporting the upcoming generation in making them believe their dreams of the future are possible. Announcing their partnership with The Future Project, a US non-profit organisation building a better future for youth, Coach is continuing their ongoing philanthropic campaign that’s already garnered over $45 million – and counting. Dream Directors are going into schools across America, advising and enabling the students to think big and make it all a reality. The faces of the campaign are the Coach ambassadors Selena Gomez and Michael B. Jordan, along with a video created by the ultimate dreamer of the next generation – artist and photographer behind Beyoncé’s latest US Vogue cover, Tyler Mitchell.

As far as news go, this might be the most positive piece we’ve seen in a while. Fists in the air and dream away!