Thursday 22nd February

| BY Finn Blythe

Cyclops, Horns And Second Heads: Behind-The-Scenes Of Gucci’s AW18 Show

Gucci4If Gucci’s AW18 outing was a post-human take on the superficial construction of our identities, if we truly have become “the Dr Frankenstein of our lives” as Alessandro Michele suggested we have, then welcome to the Workshop of Creation. And unlike the metaphorical workshops that Michele was alluding to when he referenced Mary Shelley, the endless profile photos and Insta filters, whatever tools one might use to stitch together an identity in 2018, this one is very real. Here, we see Makinarium at work, the Italian special effects team behind the 2016 film Tale of Tales and the mystical array of bespoke prosthetics, moulding and make-up that formed such an integral part of the show. It’s an almost nightmareish scene but one we can’t stop looking at, as human flesh takes form alongside coral snakes and baby dragons, a process that took around six months and involved full moulds of models’ heads as well as 3-D scans. These are the friends you’d want for Halloween.

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