Monday 15th August

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Diesel Collaborates with London College of Fashion


Last week I was in Heaven. No, not the gay club in Charing Cross, but actual Heaven. Well Heaven through Diesel for their collaborative event with the London College of Fashion. Being an LCF alumni myself I was mostly enraged with not being able to participate in such a creative project myself, but I remembered I was at the event anyway so the point was kind of moot. Anyway, back to Heaven. The students were given the task of coming up with a permanent installation for the Covent Garden store. And like all students are best at they hit the books. They were particularly taken by the idea of the Covent Garden Flower Market where women would run flower stalls in the day, and become ladies of the night by, well – night. So the three storey shop installation was meant to reflect this. The top floor was the floral Heaven part, the middle I guess was Purgatory and the bottom was the seedy, hooker dungeon complete with a tattoo artist buzzing away. Reminded Phoebe of a club she used to go to called Heaven and Hell circa 1990-something (to be kind to her). There were cages and deep house in Hell and 70s pop in Heaven. Which sounds a lot like the event last week. Minus the cages. So thanks for taking me to Heaven Diesel, it was a blast.