Friday 17th August

| BY Dino Bonacic

The World of Drag is Coming to London

dragworld 2018

Drag lovers of the world unite. Bring out your fresh #301s, stock up on some clown white, and practice your deathdrops – the wonderful world that is drag is coming to London. Over the coming weekend, the Olympia centre in Hammersmith is turning into DragWorld – the ultimate convention for all things related to this hyper-popular art form. Even though it’s not officially affiliated with our favourite reality TV show (sorry Khloe), DragWorld will have everyone from Violet Chachki and Katya to Sharon Needles and Alaska taking selfies, sharing make-up tips and oh, so much more. There’s a total of 10 (fitting, eh?) panels discussing all topics drag as a phenomenon touches upon. Yes, you’ll be able to hear Farrah Moan talking about the importance shiny highlighters, but it’s not all just about the lewks. The queens will also be discussing subjects of body positivity, race and gender in the world of drag. In between these panels, you will be able to stock up on make-up, jewellery, and anything else you might need in order to embrace your inner drag persona. This is probably the perfect time to find your drag name (mine is Jen Da Phuck), strap on some high-as-hell talons (Alaïas will work too) and get your ass on over to Olympia. And make sure to put your best face forward because we’ll definitely be tooting and booting the looks as you enter the room. Come on Dragworld, let’s get sickening!