Edie Campbell In Conversation With Tim Blanks For Love Magazine

Post Harvey Weinstein, a cultural paradigm shift was set in motion, with Edie Campbell, along with others including Cameron Russell, spearheading the conversation within the fashion industry. It began with her open letter to the industry late last year, in which she heralded the arrival of ‘a turning point’. On Monday night, Love Magazine hosted an ‘In Conversation’ with Campbell (who appears in the forthcoming issue, interviewed by Paul Flynn) and Tim Blanks at Dover Street Market, to ensure the dialogue continues.

Campbell’s commitment to initiating profound change within an industry she describes as a “club” speaks volumes of her bravery, intellect and above all humanity, which continues to prompt and inspire models and industry members to share their tales of abuse and mistreatment. The below is a must watch. Campbell speaks of an outdated institution, one that relies on secrecy and concealment to maintain its semblance of fantasy, whose imbalance and exploitative potential is maintained by powerful industry professionals. The artist-genius complex, which she also referred to in her open letter, assumes models to be submissive and yielding, while allowing professionals to act with immunity. There’s no doubting Edie says it best however, so over to the woman herself, below. We are full of awe and appreciation.