Tuesday 16th January

| BY Joel Traptow

Emporio Armani Reveal Their SS18 Campaign Shot By Three Different Photographers


Like snow flakes, not one human is the same as another- we all like and do different things, especially when it comes to clothing choices. OK, very cheesy, but true nevertheless. The new Emporio Armani SS18 campaign celebrates just that. Men and women wearing their clothes how they would IRL, instead of catwalk looks on a model that can be hard to relate to for most of the population (well, obviously team 10 are usually runway ready model-a-likes, but it’s January, and we might be carrying a few spare pounds post Christmas…)

Don’t get us wrong, we love a glam fashion campaign, but there is something extremely refreshing when a brands vision is about seeing how someone would individually wear their clothing. Shot by three different photographers; Ben Weller, Mark Peckmezian and Pawel Pysz, all “models” were street cast in various European cities to further hit home the slogan of the campaign “Everyone has a different story and everyone wears Emporio Armani”. As the only link between all the unique individuals in the campaign is Emporio itself. In a world and industry where total inclusion and equality is something we are still fighting for, we applaud Emporio for their casting, message, and of course, the beautiful clothes.