Wednesday 2nd August

| BY Joel Traptow

Fendi Launch New Interactive Stories On Instagram And Snapchat

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We here at Ten Towers are most fond of an Insta story. You probably know that already. And you could say, that after fashion it’s what we do best. If Insta stories were a class we would have straight A’s. Of course, our Editrix-in-Chief is the queen of them really, even to the point that my own father has mentioned how much he enjoys them, not that he is a Insta expert, not sure he even knows how to post on Instagram, but still, he goes out of his way to tune in.

SO speaking of fun fabulous Insta stories our furry friends at Fendi are launching some interactive ones for both Instagram and Snapchat. Featuring their Bag Bugs, (those furry key chains that are probably the cutest thing, like, ever) matched with an equally adorable bag (because the carpet needs to match the drapes) or in this case the bug needs to match the bag. A friend of mine (sugar daddy) has one for every single bag he owns, which is apparently 85. I mean how fab, I’d love to pile them all on a bed and just roll around in them. The stories will run from August 2nd through to the 4th with a new one every day. The best part is all bugs and bags featured in the stories are ready to be bought online – just swipe up.