Friday 1st September

| BY Joel Traptow

First Look: Camper’s AW17 Campaign Has Arrived

First thoughts that popped into my head after viewing the AW17 Camper campaign were 1) Animorphs, those weird books from the 90s where kids transformed into animals – never read them, but appreciated the covers and 2) mighty morphin’ Power Rangers. Let’s call this a slight continuation to last season’s campaign but this time a techno odyssey (a la the press release) matching surreal dream like characters and avatars with a monochromatic shoe doppelganger. Because if you aren’t matching you shoes to your clothes and hair and skin you are very much behind the times. They feel a bit like the people, including the incredible Rossy de Palma, you might meet in a nightclub far far away in space – maybe the 7th moon of Jupiter, where you drink cocktails made out of radioactive goop and dance the night away in – what else? – your fabulous camper shoes.