Friday 27th July

| BY Dino Bonacic


GM180727-0001The sun is shining bright and the temperatures are scolding hot. What do you need in your life? Yes, a fan, but what else? Yes, a bottle of ice-cold water, but what else? BINGO! A pair of statement sunglasses that will hide the sweat dripping down your face. London might be known for its gloom and rain, but this summer seems to be turning the city on its head so if there ever was a time to shop for sunnies – the time is now. And as if they had the 411 on the seasonal weather report, South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster is opening its first European store in London. Taking inspiration from the Martial Arts (more specifically the art of Kung Fu), this flagship location is redefining the meaning of experiential retail. Introducing this continent to the brand’s signature otherworldly aesthetic (just look at Xander Zhou’s SS19 show which features a collab with Gentle Monster), the two floors in the heart of UK’s capital tell a story of extraterrestrial creatures getting obsessed with Kung Fu and then selling the ancient Chinese martial art back to us humans. With large alien figures and elaborate set design surrounding the high-end sunglasses – Gentle Monster London seems to be the hot new family shopping location. Don’t know what your plans are, but you can find us on 28 Argyll Street, with an E.T. phone and a credit card in our saddle bags.