Thursday 27th October

| BY Jack Moss

Giorgio Armani and Juergen Teller Unveil Bayern Munich Wardrobe


Hallo boys! Gathered here are a selection of footballers dressed in top-to-toe Giorgio Armani, captured at slightly jaunty angle by Mr Juergen Teller. The football team in question, or so we are told (we have no idea about such things) are German team FC Bayern Munich. We are also told they are big. And important. Very good when it comes to applying foot-to-ball. This photograph is part of set by Mr Teller, and will be used in the official team programme for this season, as, according to the blurb, “an ironic celebration of players as people, not stars. Dressed in formal clothing designed by Giorgio Armani, the champions appear natural and nonchalant.” The wardrobe itself comes from Mr Armani’s Made to Measure service  – including a wool/cashmere blend suit and white cotton jacquard shirt, as well as, though not appearing in the above picture, a camel coat. We are sure it’s very nice. If this, like us, makes you desperate to mimic said look without undertaking any kind of physical exertion, then get yourself down to your nearest Giorgio Armani boutique. There, you can create your very own Made to Measure lewk that will, again to quote the press release, “fulfil the requirements of sophisticated and demanding male customers”. Oooh. But we’ll arrive in a cab, obviously. We don’t run. Even for balls.