Thursday 25th January

| BY Finn Blythe

Gucci Celebrate Chinese New Year With A Collection Dedicated To The Year Of The Dog


Despite having celebrated New Year less than a month ago, we’re already feeling kind of over 2018. And since the only good thing about watching another year swing round is getting drunk at midnight, we think we’ll convert to the Chinese calendar, where we’re not only given an excuse for another night of guiltless debauchery come 16th February, but a furry animal and corresponding horoscope to boot. What can we say – the Chinese calendar just gets us. And, in anticipation of the Year of the Dog, Gucci have launched a dedicated capsule collection adorned with dog motifs inspired by illustrations of Alessandro Michele’s own two pooches (Boston terriers), given to him in pillow form by British artist and regular Gucci collaborator, Helen Downie AKA Unskilled Worker. We always had him down as a Maltese man, but there you go.

For those born in the Year of the Dog, or if you’d just like to educate yourselves, here’s the crucial info: green, red and purple are your lucky colours (very Gucci), while roses and orchids are your lucky flowers. Be sure to keep a wide berth of blue, white and gold, as well as those born in the year of the Dragon, Sheep and Rooster – take it from us, it won’t end well. Oh, and avoid travelling north or west, those are your unlucky directions. But what of this wonderful campaign? Like a dream sequence taken from a Wes Anderson film, the images carry all the hallmarks of Petra Collins’ masterful craft, here depicting a convergence of breeds and their owners – think of it as the twilight bark from 101 Dalmatians only, no missing puppies, just lots of beautiful clothes.


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