Thursday 4th June

| BY 10Magazine

Gucci: Cruise 2016

Back in the day, cruise clothes were for the well-heeled couture clients who wanted an injection of new garms between season, for when they were sidling around the Med on their giant gin palaces turning their flesh the colour of fresh creosote in time for the January round of shows. Maybe those women – the Lowells, the Forbes, the Vanderbilts – were who Alessandro Michele was thinking about when he prepping Gucci’s spring 2016 Cruise collection, shown in New York City, the home of the pre-collection, of old money, and of those formidable matriarchs. Hence his parade of rich lady couture, ruffled evening dresses, boxy brocade suits with fur collar and cuffs, and lots of nice, well-behaved ruffled blouses. Brooke Astor would be in her element.