Monday 15th April

| BY Dino Bonacic

We’re Off To The Greek Part of Sicily With Gucci’s Latest campaign

Gucci Travels are back at it again. Between their wide offering of time-travelling machines and teleporting devices allowing you to travel wherever, whenever – the next destination is here. We have just arrived to the island of Sicily, more specifically the ancient Greek town on the south-western of the island called Selinunte. After being abandoned over 2000 years ago, all that remains are ruins of five different temples scattered around the Acropolis. Exactly what you want from your next holiday destination, right? Using this obscure location as the backdrop to a new kind of classical symposium. Instead of Greeks, there’s an eclectic bunch of Gucci-heads, diverse in their looks, ages and backgrounds, hanging around and celebrating life like only they can. Instead of personality-less stock characters found in your average campaigns, there’s definite celebration of individualism happening in the Glen Luchford-shot images presenting Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2019 campaign.

Without clearly tracing either of these characters to a certain moment in time, the static iconography of tabelau vivants turns into motion. Shenanigans worth of Venice Beach, California (just look at that hunky bodybuilder – woof) are mixed with elements of antique, blended in Alessandro Michele’s signature way. There’s Soho punks, girls wearing blue eyeshadows and open-toed sandals with see-through tights, and boys in togas making out… The world of Gucci is unpredictable, and resembles a mix of Burning Man, Glastonbury and your local street party.

Instead of booking the next cheap ticket to Sicily, Gucci are bringing this experience of a mad holiday to you via their phone app. Creating an interactive platform to enable all of us with a phone to become part of the story, a digital photo booth will allow you create your own memories, even if only digital. Where to next? Only Michele knows…

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Alessandro Michele
ART DIRECTOR: Christopher Simmonds
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Thomas De Kluyver