Thursday 16th March

| BY Jack Moss

Hermès Open New London Store At 1 Cadogan Place


Hermès have got a brand new home, right on the corner of Sloane Square and Cadogan Place. To which you might say, isn’t that right next to where their old store was? And you would be correct. In fact, it’s only 500 ft down the road. A fact which made Phoebe reminisce about the time when she moved house to a new one a similar distance. She used a Tesco shopping trolley to cart her wares. Presumably, Hermès had something a little more fancy. Because Hermès, as you will probably know, is always very fancy. Phoebe liked the gold blinds. And the leather handrail. I liked the shelves, because they had bags on them, and really, what else do you want from Hermès? Well, apart from a scarf, clothes, some fragrance. Pretty much everything really. So make like the Pet Shop Boys, go west, sharpen your shopping implements and prepare for a life of destitution. Or, alternatively, hide somewhere in the stock room and move in. We’re sure no-one will notice.