Wednesday 12th August

| BY Jack Moss

10 Men Hits Newsstands on Monday

It feels like the little old menswear industry is currently in a state of flux. Because everything has gone rather girlie and feminine on us. There are bow blouses and lace housecoats, and while the skirts may be few and far between, the whole notion of general ladylike limpness is veering into decidedly Little Britain territory. Menswear? Men’s where?

That has been taken to a literal extreme by a few. Actually, by a few too many. I’m talking about women on a menswear catwalk – and I’m not alone. We all hate it – we want to watch men! Now I sound like an old pervert, but you know what I mean. Even the straight blokes agree. It’s kind of like a woman in the men’s changing rooms, only, rather than men taking their kit off, these catwalks are supposed to be about getting your kit onto some men. There are very few who would rush to chuck away their money on a blouse modelled by a bird.

Maybe it’s all coming from the transgender situation. Nobody can have missed Vanity Fair’s biggest seller of the year (I suspect decade), which documented the makeover – or should we say total overhaul, of Bruce into Caitlyn.

The most remarkable aspect? Not the tracheal shave, the wardrobe of Halston and Donna Karan, or the fact Caitlyn looks far more attractive than Kris. No, the really shocking part was the world’s almost total and near immediate acceptance of it.

We hope you accept our own big changes. We’ve been inspired to have a bit of a makeover, too. But like Caitlyn, although we’ve tinkered with a few major elements and appendages, we’re still the same on the inside. It just all looks – and works – a bit differently now.

However, unlike Ms Caitlyn, we’re content to focus on the less-fair side of the sex divide. Although we’re happy to explore our gay, bi or even straight sides. We may even try out a few of those blouses.

We are, after all, just a men’s mag that likes new clothes. So forget all the deep and meaningful. Here’s the revamped 10 Men.

Think of it as food for thought and a feast for the eyes. It’s thicker, a bit rarer and twice as juicy. Sink your teeth of grief in.

Antony Miles
Editorial Director

Hey Good Looking. The new, revamped 10 Men. On sale from August 17th.