Tuesday 10th October

| BY Finn Blythe

Introducing Abby Union, Your New Favourite Design Collective


Meet Abby Union, a gathering of of artists, designers, producers and writers, hailing from all corners of the globe, who have, as the name sort of suggests, come together in perfect union to create some rather nice things. They are all about fluidity and versatility (last month, they gave us a crochet collaboration courtesy of  Chucky Huber) and so are their bags. Aren’t they swish? We’re particularly taken by Le Flip – the bag that transforms with your mood, style or attitude, apparently. Take, for example, the Electric Ivy/Black Rubber number. The Abby Union girl steps out for the office at 8am sharp (she’s first in), with a discreet and oh so professional black beauty hanging off her arm. Come seven though (last out), she’s transformed. Office wear has become evening wear by means of a little Le Flip action (see below vid for demonstration). Speaking on behalf of an entire office who are prone to sudden and indiscriminate changes in both mood and attitude, we’re not sure there’s a better bag out there for us. We’ll take the lot.