Friday 1st September

| BY Joel Traptow

Introducing Les Boys Les Girls And Their Gender-Fluid Undies



It’s strange how in life you all of a sudden reach an age where you start caring about what kind of underwear you wear – up until then you couldn’t care less, it was purchased for you and you wore it. Or maybe you wondered why you had to wear it – at least that was the case for me. Guess I wasn’t too fond of wearing pants as a young’un, having a propensity to go without undies, or well, trousers. Nowadays, I am very much obsessed with what I’m wearing to cover my bits, so much so I stick to one style from one brand no straying.

That said, after seeing the latest offering from new label “Les Girls Les Boys,” which has been revealed today, that may be changing. From the mega-talented creator of Agent Provocateur, Serena Rees, comes the concept of “bed to streets” underwear for a generation who aren’t afraid of self identity and sexuality, running from underwear proper to t-shirts and hoodies, for girls and boys. Wear it at home, then wear it out. And it was important for the underwear not to fit the stereotype of masculine and feminine. “It’s for people who are proud of who they are, and proud of who they love, They wear what they want, not what’s expected of them,” says Serena. We live in a day and age where no-one’s really gonna bat an eye if you walk in the streets in just a bra and a trouser so why not make it one by Les Girls Les Boys?

Campaign imagery by Brett Lloyd