Tuesday 13th September

| BY Phoebe Briggs

Introducing Our New Senior Fashion Editor-at-Large, Tara St Hill

Tara St Hill

10 NEWS: Dearest tenners, it gives us exceptional pleasure to introduce you to our wonderful, inspiring and downright legendary new Senior Fashion Editor-at-Large, the one and only, Tara St Hill.  If you have studied the pages of our recent issues (and if not, why not?) you will have seen Tara’s amazing stories with photographic lumineries including Derek Ridgers and Amanda Charchian, and quite frankly, this just wasn’t enough for us, we NEEDED more Tara in our lives, so we’re welcoming her to Ten Towers with open arms and a warm embrace as a fully fledged member of Team Ten.  Based in London, Tara began her career alongside the iconic Corinne Day and has since worked for publications including i-D, Interview, Re-Edition and SSAW, not to mention ourselves, obviously, with a whole host of photographers including Coco Capitan, Leon Mark, Drew Jarrett and Nan Goldin. Want to see her spectacular work for yourself? Then get up out of your house and head to your nearest newsagent to pick up our latest issues. Tara, we are so happy to have you in our world and are so excited about the inspiring stories to come!