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Introducing The Debut Womenswear Collection From Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY For Matchesfashion.com

Such is our fondness of Mr Charles Jeffrey and his work that we celebrate each high and breakthrough as though they were our own. Which essentially translates into one continuous celebration, as we look on in awe at an upward trajectory that, with each passing season, shows no sign of relenting or slowing down. Suits us, we’ll take any excuse to celebrate, and this latest news is cause for a big one, because today, Charles is launching his debut Womenswear collection, through an exclusive capsule collection for Matchesfashion.com.

For as long as he can remember, the work of extraordinary women has inspired and shaped Charles’ creations, from Patti Smith to Vivienne Westwood and Annie Lennox, their vision remains as informative as ever in this eighteen piece collection titled “Awrite Hen…?” (I think you’ve got to be Scottish). “Since beginning work on this project I could always see really clearly a group of women who it’s intended for” says Charles of the new collection. “But what ties them together is that they’re all really real. Hardly any make-up, almost scrubbed skin. The women in my life have been wearing our collections since the beginning, but it’s been a thrill to develop these pieces specifically with a woman in mind”

As well as the aforementioned superstars, the accompanying Matt Lambert-shot campaign (see the above video) tells the lesser known tale of the waulking song, an age-old Scottish tradition of folk songs performed by groups of women as they rhythmically beat newly woven tweed to soften it. The same emphasis on collective strength and a common voice are shared by Charles and LOVERBOY, the songs themselves being, in Charles’ words, “about finding magic in human connection, a kind of therapy through sharing hard work. These are ideas that are central to what we do with LOVERBOY.” A huge congratulations from all at Ten, we’ll be raising a large one in your honour.

Photography by Moritz Tibes