Monday 20th March

| BY Joel Traptow


If this was the olden days, I’m talking like, mid Industrial Revolution way-back olden days, I’d be on the street corner shouting “Extra, extra! Wead all about it! Miyake Mania in Milan!”. But it is not the 1800s and I am not a paper boy so let’s settle for an over excited web post instead – There is Miyake Mania in Milan! Issey Miyake that is, having opened their first Flagship store in milan earlier this month. Located in a historic building Palazzo Reina at Via Bagutta 12, this is the first time the brand has chosen a historical building for a flagship. But this aint no rusty dusty old run down historic building, no sir, having been fully restored to its original glory, Issey Miyake is the first recent occupant, and it is gorgeous. The store space itself was designed by Tokujin Yoshioka who says, “It expresses the contrast between history and future showing the many layers of time in the texture of interior walls juxtaposed with futuristic colored aluminium.” Offering the perfect balance of rich history and space age future this new Milan flagship is oh-so Miyake.