Friday 18th May

| BY Roxy Lola

JW Anderson ‘Your Picture/Our Future’ Exhibition Winners Announced


Jonathan Anderson was not messing around for his next campaign. He rounded up the troops (aka artists from around the globe) putting out a call for all creatives to submit something for a JW Anderson campaign. When the call to action came out, Jonathan explained this decision, saying: “We were all young, new and coming through together, particularly when we launched our campaigns; it felt right to give somebody else that opportunity. Fundamentally, it is about talent giving a chance to talent —this is something I really believe in.” And so he and a jury of judges championed 50 international artists aged 18-30, resulting in an exhibition filled with images that moved us with their poignancy and intricate insights into these people’s lives and the way they view the world. Or we’re just really hyper sensitive and emotional. But these kids (youths, 20-somethings, whatever ) are talented. The chosen three winners, announced this afternoon, are Julie Greve, fellow UK-er, Yelena Beletskaya of Russia and Simons Finnerty from the US of A. Not to be biased, but Julie’s photography (above) did catch our eye at the opening last night. Three teens taking on the barren cold, discussing. Not sure what they’re discussing – looks like it could be kind of heavy subject matter, but we love it. An eerie darkness to it, captured so candidly and cleverly. “Seeing all this talent come all together in this exhibition was very powerful, making it impossible to choose one winner. As such, we will have three photographers that will work on the same brief and campaign coming to you next summer.” Bring it on. We love this campaigning concept, creating new greats. JW knows how to pick ’em.

Yelena Beletskaya 


Simons Finnerty