Thursday 8th March

| BY Finn Blythe

JW Anderson’s SS18 Logomania Collection Is Finally Here


If logomania is to be the Zeitgesit of our time, which, judging by the general state of affairs, and even if this logo-rich range from JW Anderson hadn’t pinged into our inboxes, it looks like it will be, then we can consider ourselves quite fortunate. Sure, it’s no Beatlesmania, but the 1960’s kids just lucked out across the board. It’s certainly without the ominous undertones of Cold War Gorbymania, and definitely kinder to your waistband than Baconmania (yes it’s a thing, Wikipedia says so), meaning we have little reason to complain.

All this nonsense about materialist, consumer driven greed? Pah! That’s just the Gorbymania lot talking. They’re bitter- wouldn’t you be? Certainly after seeing these Spring/ Summer 2018 wares courtesy of JW. What do you notice about them? Yes, there’s the pastiche American advertising thing, and the hunky looking J Dubz in uniform, but more importantly, as garments they’re simple, they’re easy, they make sense! And this was very much the guiding premise of the entire collection- clothes designed from Mr. Anderson’s day-to-day wardrobe, no frills, no fuss, just clothes you really want to wear, with no ambiguity about who made them.