Wednesday 19th April

| BY Jack Moss

Kenzo To Launch Their Own Zine


Celebrating another country’s culture in a way that doesn’t involve sleeping with its male inhabitants (naming no names), Kenzo have announced that they are starting a zine. Like a magazine, with the maga taken off. Trendy. It’s called Kenzo Folio, will come out quarterly and promises to celebrate up-and-coming creatives from around the world. The first issue zips us off to Nigeria, where Carol and Humberto give us an insight into the lives of the indigenous Igbo people of Nsukka. Issue one is called Gidi gidi bu ugwu eze (Unity is Strength), the Parisian house using Nigerian photographers Ib Kamara and Crack Stevens to reflect the country’s creative scene. The zine will be launched at 20 European Kenzo stores, with a vid coming their website on the 17th and judging by the few images we’ve seen (including the attached, by Ib Kamara) it’s going to be proper brill.