Tuesday 20th February

| BY Finn Blythe

Kering And LCF Launch The World’s First Digital Course In Sustainable Luxury Fashion


In the global interest of not being swept away by glacial flooding or asphyxiated by toxic fumes, the clever people at Kering and London College of Fashion have come up with the world’s first open-access digital course in luxury fashion and sustainability. While we’re all talking about saving the world and how awful all this waste and plastic is, they’re actually doing something about it. Entitled “Fashion & Sustainability: Understanding luxury Fashion in a Changing World”, the course aims to strengthen sustainability education in the world of fashion, not only to promote the wider adoption of more sustainable practices, but to engender a new generation of conscious designers, for whom questions of sustainability are second nature. As part of the project, LCF and Kering are teaming up with the British Fashion Council, hosts of today’s launch, to test run the course and reinforce the adoption of sustainable approaches industry-wide.

Jointly devised by LCF academics and Kering sustainability experts, the course is split into six key modules, including: Why Sustainability Matters in Fashion, Contextualising Sustainability for a Changing World, Sustainable Sourcing for Luxury Fashion, and Informed Decision-Making. Over a six-week period spanning eighteen contact hours, applicants receive an education in theoretical sustainability and importantly, practical advice on how to successfully integrate sustainable approaches into a real life scenario. The best news? You needn’t even get out of bed. This course can be completed at your leisure remotely, via your mobile, tablet etc. Where do we sign up?

Registration for the course opens today, with the first 6-week edition to begin on April 9th