Wednesday 19th November

| BY 10Magazine

Kim Kardashian: Paper Magazine Cover Spooks

It’s times like this that we thank Jesus for the Internet. Because what’s the one thing better than Kim Kardashian’s arse covering a magazine? Memes of Kim Kardashian’s arse covering a magazine. Well, she was, according to Tina Fey, “made by Russian scientists to sabotage America’s athletes” after all, making her arse, well, a feat of scientific engineering. And though said feat of scientific engineering failed to “break the internet” it did result in the creation of memes. Thousands of memes. And here are a couple of our favourites. Winking at us from behind Beyonce and Jay-Z, served up on a platter at a Thanksgiving dinner and providing a place for the Mayor of London to park his bike – yep, Kim’s arse has cemented its position within the iconography of contemporary popular culture. And I’m never going to look at a bike rack in the same way again.

By Ted Stansfield