Monday 6th February

| BY Jack Moss

Lady Gaga Superbowl 2017 Halftime Performance

Obviously Lady Gaga’s Superbowl halftime performance is inducing major heart palps in Ten Towers this morning. So much so that Sophia has said, or should we say squealed, “I AM A LITTLE MONSTER” and has been, for the duration of our group watching experience been muttering “fucking amazing” every few seconds. And really, what else is there to say? I mean, she jumped off the roof. The roof! Of a football stadium! Whilst surrounded by hundreds of light-up drones and belting out Our Land Is Your Land in a custom Versace get up. Those pipes! The levitation! The dancing! We’re gagged. Ofc it meant we had to watch Yoncé’s halftime performance for comparison purposes, which ended with a heated debate: who would you rather be reincarnated as, Beyoncé or Gaga? Sophia’s gone for Beyoncé (just). I’m sticking with Gagz. Beyond!