Wednesday 26th March

| BY 10Magazine

Levis Skateboarding Wear Test Skaters Are Still


Skaters are still the coolest kids on the block, there’s no denying it. Just watch professional skater Max Barrera cruise the streets of Los Angeles in this video. Quite how people like Max manage to maintain their balance while pulling those gravity defying tricks remains a mystery to me. But it’s not only the laws of physics that Max is putting to the test in this video; he’s testing the wear of his Levi’s. They, along with the his bones, remain fully intact; a credit to Levi’s craftsmanship and indeed to Max’s skill. Personally I have no been so lucky. While skating down a hill a couple of years ago, I managed not only to break my foot but to rip my jeans too. But that’s because I wasn’t wearing Levi’s. That’ll teach me.

By Ted Stansfield