Wednesday 15th February

| BY Dominic Cadogan

LFW commemorate Richard Nicoll with Nicoll Blue

Nicoll Blue

Amidst the chaos that is fashion month sometimes it is easy to forget the things that matter. Or the people that matter. The ones who unfortunately are not with us anymore. For us at Ten Towers the loss that still hurts the most is of our dear friend Richard Nicoll. Since his sudden passing in October last year it is been hard to imagine attending shows without seeing his infectious smile, and ever positive attitude to brighten any gloomy day. In a special tribute to Richard, London Fashion Week 2017 is honouring him with a colour – Nicoll Blue – an ode to his talent for all the people who loved and adored him to remember him by. The main entrance (and Arundel Street) to The Store Studios, home of LFW, have been painted Nicoll Blue just in time for the shows this Friday. And as the BFC’s Ambassador for Emerging Talent, Sarah Mower put so eloquently: “Richard was a designer whose talent and character inspired all around him. He registered his affinity for the spectrum of blues hundreds of times in the collections he showed in London. The visual presence of Nicoll Blue throughout the main fashion week venue is a way to remember and celebrate a great London friend and to convey our respects and eternal gratitude to his family.” Nothing will ever fill the void that Richard has left in our lives, but we will never forget him.