Wednesday 12th July

| BY Finn Blythe

10 Magazine Is Name-Checked In The Guardian

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Giving much thanks this morning to The Guardian for their very lovely recognition of Ten Towers in their recent article on the relevancy of Vogue in this day and age. Named as one of “The Challengers” it reads as such:

“Founded by Sophia Neophitou, who began her career with a placement at British Vogue, 10 is a cult quarterly that sells around the world. “I chose the title because, at school, 10 out of 10 symbolised excellence.”

On the matter of Vogue, and our brilliant friend Edward Enninful, we would like to give our two cents and say that the mag is still wholly relevant, even more so with him at the helm. We cannot wait to see what he does. It’s going to be incredible. So are we challengers? No no. More, two fabulous publications forging our way into the fashion ether together.

Thanks to the Karen and the Guardian for the mention!

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