Monday 8th May

| BY Jack Moss

Louis Vuitton Release Travel Books For Mexico, Tokyo and Hawaii

Let’s begin by saying that a certain well-known brand of travel guide should not be trusted. Take the example of a recent pal of Ten who found herself on her travels in Asia. After a week of trekking through jungles in Sri Lanka, our lady was left gasping for an alcoholic beverage. Who wouldn’t? Problem is, it’s a full moon. Local laws dictate that alcohol is not to be served anywhere. That’s fine – she’s read in aforementioned well-known brand of travel guide that 5* hotels will serve alcohol discreetly. So, after checking out of her mid-price establishment, she checks into local luxe hotel. Worst comes to worst, they’ll have a mini bar. Right? Wrong. It’s been emptied. So what does our quick-thinking lady do? Well, she employs her male companion to cruise his Grindr for a willing local who may have an old bottle of vodka in return for some male company. There’s a snag. No-one for 10km. Cue tears, a bribe and one terrified concierge producing four dusty cans of Carlsberg he’s found in the basement. Satisfied? Kind of. Our lady takes a sip and promptly falls asleep. Long story short – one should treat your guide books as you would your luggage. Don’t go high street – go Louis. Vuitton, that is. The French house’s travel guides are (unsurprisingly) renowned for being the most luxurious known to man. And, as of the end of last week, they’ve added three more locations to the list – Tokyo, Mexico and Hawaii. And being Vuitton, these are not your typical guides – rather these are “Travel Books”, illustrated by the work of renowned artists (Esad Ribić takes on Hawaii, Nicolas de Crécy Mexico and eBoy Tokyo), they depict not just the sights but the stories of cities and countries – the passing days and lives of the people – through the eyes of various bright young things. They’re brill.

The Travel Books are on sale in Louis Vuitton stores, selected bookstores and on and are £38.