Tuesday 15th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Louis Vuitton Release Royal Wedding Limited Edition Bags

lv_3As we write this, it’s exactly 3 days, 14 hours, 32 minutes and 22 seconds until Saturday the 19th of May. D Day. However this is not a military operation (… or is it?). This is the Royal Wedding we’re talking about. Obvs. If you didn’t know that then please stop reading and educate yourself on all things Megs and Harry in preparation. Apparently it’s also the Premier League final but this is Ten Towers aka the home of fashion so we’ll ignore that because quite frankly we dont care and it doesnt compare. Louis Vuitton are getting in the spirit of all things Royale, taking advantage of us and our sad obsession with the royals, and have created a limited edition of Royal Wedding dedicated handbags. Iconic. The collection includes four classic styles all Union Jack-ed, including the Petite Malle, the Speedy, the Neo Noe and the Keepall. Yes, we will keep all. The bags are officially available today exclusively at the Louis Vuitton New Bond Street store. Only 85 of them. Serious souvenirs. The perfect accessory for a wedding day getup. TBH we hope Meghan is carrying one in the lead up to the day. Or on the day? Is that a look? We are heading to New Bond Street now. The countdown is on.