Thursday 22nd February

| BY Finn Blythe

Louis Vuitton Reveal The Location Of Their Next Cruise 2019 Show


The locale of Louis Vuitton’s Cruise show is always hotly anticipated. You see, Nicolas Ghesquière’s creative compass does not so much influence our own holiday destinations as dictate them- we tend not to holiday anywhere that hasn’t received official validation from a superstar designer. So we’re somewhat relieved at the news that this year’s show will be the relatively local French Riviera. After Kyoto last season and Rio de Janiero the season before that we were running out of air miles, so the idea of a quick trip south to the sunny French coast is music to our ears.

Compared with the striking modernist locations of previous years, the Miho Museum in Japan and Niterói Contemporary Art Museum in Brazil, we can’t wait to see what architectural wonder Ghèsquiere will settle upon this season. And, following Gucci’s announcement late last year that they too would be heading to the Riviera and the ancient town of Arles for their Cruise show, a visit is basically obligatory at this point. We’ll have to hold out a little longer to find out the Vuitton show’s exact location though, with the brand only announcing that closer to the show’s date, on the 28th May, two days before Gucci’s show. Either way, we intend to make a week of it.