Friday 26th January

| BY Finn Blythe

Louis Vuitton Are Set To Release Their Latest Fragrance, Le Jour Se Lève

LVRegardless of how beautifully poetic it may sound in French, the beginning of the day for members of Team Ten is anything but. For Joel, it involves lying motionless in his “ice-box of a bedroom”, listening for the sound of the shower before weighing up a dash to the bathroom, while for Garth, the first sign of  daylight is signal to recede into the depths of his bed, not unlike a startled tortoise. Phoebe’s problems meanwhile, are of the furry sort, namely, removing the napping cats that call her bed their own so that she may physically leave said bed. The point is, mornings are not our favourite part of the day, but that could all change with this latest perfume from Louis Vuitton, concocted in the atelier of Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Vuitton’s Master Perfumer.

Le Jour Se Lève, literally meaning ‘the day begins’, bottles up the sublime moments of peace and tranquillity that arrive with the sun’s first rays, those that pierce the night and herald the coming of a crisp new day. Yeah, we’ve heard of them. This is achieved with mandarin, which forms the basis of the new scent, combined with Jasmine Sambac for a perfume that, according to la release, promises to “inspire its wearer to rise early and set out for new horizons”. Sprinkle liberally over our sleeping bodies like you would holy water over a vampire and we’ll see about that.