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Obviously being an office where fingering, golden showers, hand cuffs, etc are discussed in great detail on a daily basis, we rather liked this. We understand that baby pink gimp masks and chocolate penis hats are not for everyone, but they would look rather becoming on our resident model, Girl’s World Tina. Anyway liking the louche streetwear they do so well too. Like the idea of it being inspired by Catholicism. It’s nice to see someone find a signature that works for them and do it well.


Really nice, simple, non gimicky fashions. All in black, all collarless, with the odd bit of sheer red or turquoise. Feels really weightless and innocent. And also quite dramatic, with the sweaping capes and cocoon like opera coats. Reminds us of a grown up choirboy who has outgrown his clothes.


Great coat that looked like it was made from mated wool interlining. This one was about mixing up textures, blue and white shirts, some with gold front panels, trousers with wax patches down the leg and zips at the knee and tight cropped jumpers. Apparently this ones inspired by desert tribes and how they layer their clothing to keep them cool in the day and warm at night. Really well done.