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Marc Jacob x Gloss Launch

The fashion world let out a collective ‘what should I wear?’ when we received the invitations to Marc Jacobs’ launch party for the Christopher von Wangenheim monograph, Gloss. The dress code was fairly specific, you see. “DRESS TO KILL” it said in capital letters. “GOLD LAME TURBANS… GRACE JONES BUTCH… PATTI HEARST SYMBIONESE LIBERATION ARMY GEAR” And then finally, “NO FLAT SHOES. NO MATTE SURFACES. NO NATURAL LOOKS.” It was a fitting request considering the launch in question – after all, Wangenheim’s erotic, notorious photographs documented the glamour and excess of the 1970s – think cheekbones, oiled bodies, fur, legs, bikinis. So, as Jacobs’ guests arrived at legendary 1980s party spot, Tunnel, famed for many things, not least the place Carrie Bradshaw had an unplanned pregnancy with a server at The Saloon, did they adhere to the brief? Well, yes. Lorenzo Martone, NY party boy and Jacobs’ ex arrived in a hotpant/furry boot/fur coat combination. A look for this evening? Solange Knowles wore a plunging white tuxedo. June Ambrose – full sequins. Amanda Lepore – silver pasties, not much else. And Marc himself – a very snug t-shirt with Gloss emblazoned on it, cap sleeve, fur coat on top. Basically, there was a lot of fur. And judging by the pictures, lots of bikinis. Well, what else is one to wear to such a fabulous shindig?

Gloss: The Work of Chris von Wangenheim by Mauricio Padilha and Roger Padilha, foreword by Stephen Klein, is published by Rizzoli USA. Find out more about the book here.

Images courtesy of Marc Jacobs Twitter.