Wednesday 7th September

| BY Jack Moss

Margaret Howell Collaborate With Anglepoise Lamps

Margaret Howell

If Margaret Howell was to be a lamp, it would be an Anglepoise lamp. Natalie has said both are quintessential classics of British design. And one should always listen to Natalie. She’s clever. It is with much pleasure, then, that we announce that the pair will be teaming up to create two unique new colours of the iconic lamp – Saxon Blue and Seagrass, complimenting the existing Yellow Ochre. So how to pick? Well, using Google, obviously. I mean, that’s how we diagnose ourself with various rare diseases and other such important life-changing matters. So, are you yellow, blue or green? Well, yellow, according to The Spiritual Meaning of Colours is for people that are bright, intellectual and happy. Not us. Blue? Tranquility, love, loyalty. Yep, that neither. So we must be green. Envy, jealousy, guilt. Jackpot. But really, I jest. Obviously all three colours would look fabulous in my house. Maggie can you hear me? Probably not, but she did say this in the accompanying press release. “I fee like I’ve lived with Anglepoise for most of my life – school homework under the light of an orinal black square-based Anglepoise,” she says. “We chose colours that we felt would act as an accent colour and sit well in both a domestic and working interior.”

Margaret Howell and Anglepoise will launch the collection this September at the flagship Margaret Howell store during Paris Design Week