Tuesday 17th October

| BY Finn Blythe

Meet The Furry Fendi Witches

FENDI Witches Around The World_Europe

We’ve had the Fendi Bag Bugs, the ABC and QuTweet charms and, somewhat unforgettably, the Fendirumi. What, then, could Fendi possibly come up with next that’s fluffy, hangs from your bag, and compels one to bury ones face in it? Allow us to introduce you to the Fendi Witches. Not the hunchback kind that die under falling houses, the benevolent companion variety that will follow you wherever, looking out for you with that very attentive, and totally charming, lidless gaze. Each of these six little critters, which come in their own individual colour ways, will be launching in their own designated part of the world, starting this month. From the Statue of Liberty to the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China, each witch will only be available in its designated continent. In other words, if it’s the Chinese witch you’re after, you’d better get saving for a flight.