Thursday 21st February

| BY Connie Lombaya

My ABCDior Launches, Proving Personalised Luxury Is Still Going Strong


What belongs to you but others use it more? The answer is your name and it’s written all over Dior’s luxury accessories. The French fashion house just launched a new chapter of MyABCDior, their growing range of customisation services. Offering their dedicated fans the opportunity to personalise their Dior classics with some bling, the collection features gems in the shapes of letters of the alphabet as well as the brand’s signature shapes – stars, clovers and bees. From The Lady Dior bag through jewellery all the way to phone cases and belts, you can add letters, shapes and numbers in either gold or pale gold with a choice of two different fonts.

Dior understands the beauty of individualism, plus no one can claim your fabulous new bag because – well, it carries your name. It’s been just over a year since all of us rushed to get our names stitched into the canvas Dior Book Tote. Fashion crowds far and wide were at the ready to Instagram their signature tote which quickly led to establishing it as the most-grammed bag of the year If there’s one thing that we should all admire about the world we live in is our right to adornment. The embrace of our quirks and our desired modes of self expression. Whatever your poison, one thing that unifies us all is the need for pizzazz. Our Saddlebag will spell out TEN TOWERS, what about yours?

MY ABCDior Is available now online and in selected stores.