Tuesday 14th March

| BY Jack Moss

Nico Vascellari To Perform Scholomance At The Palais De Tokyo


Here, news of a supernatural happening, based on, but not based in, Transylvania. Because whilst the promise of visiting the birthplace of the Cheeky Girls and consuming Romania’s national drink of methylated spirit and fermented plums is appealing, a sashay around the Palais de Tokyo is un peu more so. The Parisian gallery will be the location of punk artist Nico Vascellari’s latest performance piece, Scholomance, based on the folkloric Transylvanian school of the same name, where willing students were apparently taught by, well… the devil himself. Magic and charms and the meaning of life and stuff – a bit like Hogwarts, but if Hogwarts had a 10% survival rate, being as only one out of the ten scholars who entered the Scholomance was actually allowed to leave. Nico will recreate it via an immersive art piece which will involve installations made from industrial bits and pieces he collected in the forest, creating spaces where he will invite other personalities to investigate the “secrets of nature, the language of animals and all imaginable magic spells.” Ouuu. Participants will involve an ah-mazing roster of 10 Mag favs – including two former cover stars, Michèle Lamy and Delfina Delettrez, as well as Carlos Casas, Silvia Costa and many more. And hopefully you won’t die in the process. Try your luck on the 23rd of March.