Thursday 1st December

| BY Jack Moss

NikeLab Show Off Their ACG Holiday Collection

It’s the 1st December. I know – whaaaat? Which basically means that Christmas is ready to slowly wrap around us and squeeze all the life out of our soulless bodies (joke – we love Christmas – presents!) so it’s time to start preparing. Consider this, then, as the first door on your advent calendar, a delivery of very nice sportswear courtesy of the always wonderful NikeLab. This, their holiday ACG collection is outdoor-sy. Which, unfortunately is a concept we know very little about, being as the closest we get to the fresh air is the outside of a pub, but, thankfully for us, the collection combines ACG’s outdoor legacy with highly aesthetically pleasing design. The best of both worlds, basically. “Apparel with adaptability and articulation is essential when navigating the city,” explains NikeLab’s Senior Design Director, Jarrett Reynolds. “Garments with features like removable hoods and strap systems help you adapt and transform to your environment. Everything we design for ACG has a reason and has to perform.” We are majorly into the cargo pants, giant funnel necklines and most importantly, those cracking trainer-cum-boots, the new Nike ACG Zoom Tallac. Literally gagging for a pair. Thank eff, then, that they are available from today in NikeLab stores and online. So run, grab, go.