Love the furniture up here – taking these home with us.

Found another Sagitarian – the fab Tommy.

Julia at her work station, better than your average day in the office in gloomy London town!

This was some of the weird but wonderful pharafenalia, odd but good odd and added to the surreal experience of the whole day

okay – this one was well weird, the hands were a hologram that moved, spooky

The Boys working sweetie, working!

Okay – Mary jane, Joy the most amazing producer and Tommy resting between shots – note Mary jane giving herself a quick mani !

Loved this picture at the house, maybe have been here a little longer than i should have been ! Brilliant Sx

Joshua tree cactus – fabulous

Good morning sunshine – okay total nightmare to wake up at 6am and start shooting BUT worth the sunrise gorgeous beyond! Tomorrow 3.30am salt flats going to bed at 7.30pm!!

Fields of wind machines amazing!

by Sophia Neophitou