Tuesday 2nd August

| BY 10 Magazine

PERFECT 10: 10 Magazine x Tanqueray No. TEN

Tanqueray No. TEN Close up

With much excitement from all of us here at Ten Towers, it’s time for a very special announcement. Yes, our wonderful magazine will be teaming up with fine purveyors of luxurious gin, Tanqueray No. TEN, on an extra-special project entitled the Perfect 10. This is not only because they have a remarkably similar name to us or that the project will mark the culmination of our lifelong love affair with gin, but also because they are, like us, passionate about everything they do. Working alongside their iconic Tanqueray No. TEN (award-winning Tanqueray No. TEN, no less) and an internationally renowned photog (and good pal of the magazine) Maria Ziegelbock, we are gathering together eight other amazing brands, craftsmen and designers. All together, we’ll have ten. The Perfect 10 – geddit?

In all seriousness though, we wanted this collaboration to be about passion. Charles Tanqueray, the man behind the gin, was a craftsman who tinkered, experimented and started over until he had the perfect recipe – and it’s that’s same passion we wanted from the eight brands we have chosen to collaborate with. And found. It’s all about people who do things they LOVE, and the magic that they make when that happens – you know, those people you are highly jealous of when you miserably crawl out your pit on a Monday morning. Brands that are doing something extraordinary.

So, who will they be? There’s international designer Lee Broom, luxury travel brand Belmond British Pullman and cult florists Rebel Rebel, amongst many more. Every month, like a parcel of joy we will announce a new luxe partner – and each one will offer you, dear readers, a bespoke product or unique experience for you to enjoy. And you know they are good (or should we say 10/10), because we picked them. And we know everything, obv. The first pick for our Perfect 10? Tanqueray No. TEN, obviously. Hence the picture above. We recommend wholeheartedly.

So basically, keep your eyes trained on 10magazine.com (eating, sleeping, using the toilet can all wait) because it’s on here that we will be announcing each Perfect 10. The next luxury brand partner will be announced in September.