Tuesday 13th November

| BY Dino Bonacic

Pradamalia Is The New Family of Hybrid Creatures Coming From Prada Labs


We’re sending out a search warrant – the most fabulous creatures of the world have escaped the Prada lab! They respond to the name Pradamalia and despite all their magical powers, they’re pretty harmless. There’s seven of them, and usual hiding spots include the Prada’s store and website via key chains, earrings, wallets, iPhone cases and necklace charms. If you find any of them – contact Ten Towers and we’ll take care of them. Call us the Pradamalia brigade, on official duty starting from today.

Okay, now back to reality. Prada released a set of seven characters morphed, part technology – part biological, from recombinant DNA elements of Prada’s design dictionary. They are bits of childlike fantasy added to the world of fashion, with Disco, Fiddle, Otto & Toto, Scuba, Socks and Spot each coming in with an element of supernatural, ready to be stocked under all our tree on Christmas day. Each comes in a special package noting their origin and giving you a full set of information about their backgrounds and special powers. Pradamalia is a result of a collaboration project between design studio 2×4 New York and Prada, with all seven characters including traditional codes of the house – finest Saffiano leather and triangular Prada heart included.

The Pradamalia range is available to shop online and in Prada’s store from November 2018


2_Pradamalia_SPOT-2-Observations_16x9 1_Pradamalia_SOCKS-2-Observations_16x9 6_Pradamalia_OTTO-TOTO-Observations_16x9 5_Pradamalia_SCUBA-1-Observations_16x9 2_Pradamalia_SPOT-1-Observations_16x9