Wednesday 10th October

| BY 10 Magazine

Rest In Peace, Anna Harvey


“She’ll throw one at you and you come over all warm inside. There’s a special place in our hearts reserved especially for Ms Anna Harvey,” Natalie Dembinska wrote in Issue 37 of Ten Magazine, talking about the major influence of this fashion legend. Eight years later, almost to the date, we’re having to say our last goodbyes to the famed editor one of whose biggest successes included creating the image of Diana the Princess of Wales, post-Royal Wedding. As we say goodbye, our Editor-in-chief recollects her memories with Ms Harvey:

“With sadness today we say goodbye to one of the most wonderful kind generous women of our industry, Anna Harvey. I had the pleasure of working with her when I was first starting out in my industry as a placement girl at British Vogue, then working more closely when I was the creative director Vogue Russia, Vogue Japan and Vogue China. She was a truly spectacular generous human being who cared so much about everyone and everything she did. She was passionate, loyal and had wicked wit. She knew how to garner respect and love from everyone who had the pleasure of working with her. Will miss her so very much!”

Photo by Maria Ziegelbock