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More capsule wardrobe fashions coming through. This time courtesy of Richard Nicoll who has collaborated with Matches and actually created a capsule wardrobe. So what does the perfect capsule wardrobe contain? Well, there should be some leather. Preferably burgundy, and cotton. Soft cotton. In blue. Or navy. And obviously you cannot have a capsule wardrobe without cashmere. There would be no black as black, as Richard puts it can be very severe. Instead of black try navy or grey. “My ‘black’ is navy or grey”’ says Richard. Now your ‘black’ can be navy or grey too. And there are clothes for boys too. Which girls could wear if they want. And maybe the boys could wear the girls clothes. There are far too many attractive legs hidden under trousers that could work a leather mini. And still be warm without tights. Anyway, the collection is great, so go forth, log on to Matches and buy. Streamline your life and capsule your wardrobe.


by Natalie Dembinska