Tuesday 27th November

| BY Dino Bonacic

Rimowa Are Selling Luggage Stickers Helping The Environment


The plane tickets are booked. The facial and hair appointments too. A wardrobe refresh is in place before heading over to see your family. It’s almost holiday time which basically means we’re having to present the best versions of ourselves to all those that think we’re doing much better than we actually are. Or is that just me? December is the time to pick-up on all of last year’s resolutions that mysteriously disappeared somewhere between the second and third week of February. My personal list included: meditate daily, get luggage fit for an adult and work more on helping the environment. While the first one is probably a lost cause, I might just got lucky with the other two.

Coming to rescue, the luggage pros at Rimowa have collaborated with contemporary light artist Olafur Eliasson on a collection of nature-inspired suitcase stickers, proceeds of which are going to the Little Sun Foundation, a charity delivering solar energy to the most vulnerable communities worldwide. The sticker collection ranges form in size with all 46 pieces representing Eliasson’s visual language which focuses on stratospheric forms and encourages commitment to sustainability. Titled A collection of stone, lava, meteorite, ice, driftwood, and lichen, the stickers come in a limited edition of 500, with each set numbered and packaged in an eco-friendly box design, furthering the wellbeing mantra of the collab. And so, comes December 3rd, my 2018 resolutions will (finally) become part of my reality. Fabulous-looking luggage and a mindfulness of the world around you. This is the 2-in-1 you never knew you needed.

The limited edition Rimowa x Olafur Eliasson stickers are launching on December 3rd online and in Rimowa’s stores and retailers.